Which Injury Law Firm Should I Refer To?

Heidi Bergeron | | Personal Injury Law

You don’t practice injury law. You’re tempted to try, but realize pretty quickly that this is a dangerous path for both you and the client. You want to refer the client to an expert in injury law – preferably one that will please the client so that you’re not later embarrassed for having referred them in the first place.

Some key considerations:

a) Client Communication. The number one cause for complaints to the law society is lack of client communication. Clients do not like lawyers they cannot reach.

b) Knowledge. Choose a firm that practices exclusively in the area of injury law. It’s a full-time job if you’re doing it right.

c) Investment. Choose a firm that invests in the outcome. Firms that work on a contingency basis and pay all disbursements (fund the litigation) and only get paid a fee once there is a successful outcome. They are invested in the case.

d) Referral Fees. A reputable injury firm always pays referral fees to lawyers/paralegals who send work.

e) Reputation. A Google search will quickly reveal lawyers with a sub-standard reputation. The size of the ad in the phonebook is not indicative of the quality of service. Bigger isn’t better – better is better. (We have a pretty big ad – don’t hold it against us).

You can feel confident referring clients to Heidi Bergeron, Injury Lawyer. We realize that our work reflects upon you when you have referred a client to our firm. You can be assured that your referred clients will thank you for sending them our way.

Heidi Bergeron

Heidi Bergeron is a leading personal injury lawyer located in Kingston, Ontario. Since 1999 Heidi has focused her significant skills on building a personal injury practice. She firmly believes that to serve her clients she must work in close partnership to support them through the challenges of not only the injury but also the family and employment disruption that ensues after a serious accident. From the day-to-day operations of her firm to the staff she employs, each area of her practice focuses on this goal of thorough and yet compassionate interaction with her clients.